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Margin Protection & Fraud Prevention with Real Time Traffic Controls – Part 4

By Harun Hasić, Product Manager, ZIRA

As I already wrote in part one of my blog, using the full potential of the next generation Networks is crucial for telco operators in process of “taking full control from Network Operations and bringing the power back to Business”. Here we focus on the numbers and fraud control through various network options. If you wonder how to benefit from black- and whitelists and network fraud controls – don’t worry, we got you covered.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…” – but why be fooled at all if it can be prevented?

Besides fraud prevention based on recognized callers and called parties, ZIRA solution benefits from one more option of the Next Generation Networks.
Modern networks are equipped with setups for fraud prevention rules on the switch level itself. Those features allow the network to reject fraud attempts before they even happen. But why should those options be exclusive for Network Users only? Why hasn’t anyone thought of taking this exclusivity away from the Network people? Well, we at the ZIRA have.
ZIRA solution is equipped with the automatic provisioning of those features that give the direct control to Business User.

Life isn’t always black or white – or is it?

Besides control of exchanged traffic amount, Zira solution also provides control of traffic with the prevention of fraudulent attempts. This primarily means that the system is equipped with Routing Black- and Whitelisting module, which is based on User defined Rules.
Business User has the possibility to set the Rules by which the traffic, based on a number format, can be blacklisted. Rules apply on both calling and called parties, ensuring full flow control.
In case whole range of fraudulent numbers is blacklisted, and only specific numbers in that range should be routed, Whitelisting comes in the play. System is equipped with the function to use the Whitelists, so called filters that have the possibility to override set blacklist rules.

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With ZIRA’s 25 years of experience in innovating BSS solutions for telco operators, we work closely with customers to implement cost-effective software solutions for customer management and omnichannel. We help customers connect systems, data and people to so they can be agile, automate processes and gain insights to make decisions, reduce costs and improve efficiencies with measurable bottom line results. By providing a software-based modular architecture we integrate with legacy systems to reduce complexities, cost and time with implementations.

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