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ZIRA Professional Services

Our solutions are based on understanding telecom business processes to enable our customers optimize their operational processes and improve overall business performance. ICT know-how and long term relationships with well known CSPs and vendors resulted with firm track and positioning of ZIRA among regional leading experts of both legacy and innovative technologies.ZIRA’s Professional Solutions aim to provide regional and international clients gain a competitive advantage, market share, and brand strength. 

Our objective is to work with our clients to develop sustainable IT solutions that support and enhance their overall business strategy.

We help our clients to navigate the various IT choices including strategy (design and integration with business strategy to ensure alignment and maximum use of information technologies), applications, networks, security and compliance, program management, as well as optimizing IT organizations. Our aim is to support our regional and in ternational clients in gaining competitive advantage, capturing market share and strengthening brand values. The service portfolio listed below can be offered separately/as needed to supplement our client’s internal resources or in conjunction with a third party systems integration partner. Service offerings can also be combined as part of a turnkey system implementation from ZIRA.

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UNITIC Business Tower A/5
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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