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Revenue Management

Revenue Management Line of Business is modular next generation platform that incorporates Wholesale & Retail domains and covers Interconnect Billing, Settlement, Roaming and Retail Billing.

Customer Partner Management

ZIRA Customer Partner Management is the single resource for all of the sales, marketing, and support tools that you need, enabling consistent and personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints. Enabling full control over every element of the partner and customer.

Product Management

ZIRA Product Management offers the freedom to construct and manage timely, complex and bundled product offerings to quickly respond to new market challenges as service convergence, all-IP-transformation and be more creative and agile in rolling out new product offerings.

Order Management

ZIRA Order Management & CPQ accelerated and cost effective delivery of new products and services. Breaks existing market limitations providing flexible and efficient concept of unified ordering and sales process.

Products in Focus

Our focus is sharply set on creating highly personalized solutions. Here are the four crown areas that we have the greatest interest in:

Our services make your work more productive

We appreciate your trust. Our clients choose us and our products because they know we're the best.

Enhanced Preformance

ZIRA is capable to exceed performance requirements of customers having tens of millions subscribers, supporting 1.5+ billion Event Data Records per day.

Controlled TCO

ZIRA solution modularity allow us to offer multiple product packaging options, meet and exceed our customers’ expectations protecting our customer’s investments without any overheads and hidden costs for their full TCO control.

Optimized Controls

ZIRA architecture includes designing tools; enabling ZIRA customers to independently configure the entire solution.

Zero Human Errors

Process automation to decrease human errors.

Reduced Complexity

Extremely user-friendly GUI with bird eye view across the entire solution.

Fast ROI

ZIRA phase approach enable our customers to measure ROI even within project implementation. Break-even is achieved within the 2 months.

Controlled CAPEX

Open framework architecture with high level of reusability and proven solution scalability, makes ZIRA platform the most cost-effective solution available in the market.

Future Ready Solution

Thanks to our product scalability and modularity we are capable to fully support the expansion of our clients and successfully respond to new market challenges. This approach guarantees the integrity and enables an effective expansion in line with the appearance and introduction of the new services.

Framework for Smart BSS Solutions

A single platform across industry verticals, technologies and lines of business that focuses on optimizing integration, deployment and management costs

Operators need to achieve the highest levels of adaptability, speed and efficiency to address the challenges of digital transformation. Current systems are inefficient and they lack the flexibility to support digital ecosystems, personalized customer experiences and rapid service introduction.

ZIRA’s Unified BSS Framework is a next-generation Business Support System (BSS) platform enabler based on open architecture, which successfully meets Communication Services Providers’ (CSP) needs while having fully controlled TCO when deploying ZIRA solutions.

ZIRA Unified BSS Framework is a state-of-art platform, based on the architectural principles of openness and modularity, with future-ready framework that enables multiple solution packaging options, of ZIRA solutions in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations protecting our customer’s investments without any overheads and hidden costs.

ZIRA Unified BSS is a complete framework, with no 3rd party vendor dependency, insensitive to any technology and capable to cover all digital services within telecommunication industry covering all business-to-consumer and business-to-business-to-consumer models and streams.

Thanks to ZIRA Unified BSS we are able to secure ZIRA solution scalability and modularity, and to fully support the expansion of our clients while securing an agile and cost-effective delivery of ZIRA solutions. This approach guarantees an effective solution delivery meeting specific CSP’s demands based on technology and business requirements, while building a trustworthy relationship with ZIRA.


What Our Clients Say

ZIRA has provided Türk Telekom with an easy manageable, flexible and modular solution that has minimized the financial impact of fraud through advanced fraud detections and proactive prevention methodologies. ZIRA N2B Fraud Management is a powerful yet cost-effective solution that maximizes profits and improves customer satisfaction. ZIRA has confirmed itself as a trustful partner of choice with high commitment to quality output, deploying an end-to-end Fraud Management solution that meets both short and long-term goals of Türk Telekom.

Sabri Alyakut

Sabri Alyakut

Revenue and Resource Management Group Manager, Türk Telekom

ZIRA has provided Saudi Telecom Company (STC) with an innovative and reliably flexible ZIRA WBRM Interconnect Billing & Settlement software solution that best fits our needs. By converging and fully automating entire STC Settlement process, we have increased our operational efficiency, reduced human dependency and streamlined concurrently handled settlements to shorten settlement cycle completion and time to collection.

ZIRA has also confirmed itself as trustful vendor and business partner showing deep sensibility to our needs with full commitment to our objectives and we intend to continue that way with our full confidence.

Mr. Eid Alrowais

Mr. Eid Alrowais

At STC’s 6th bi-annual Vendor Day, CEO of STC Dr. Khalid Bin Hussein Al-Bayari presented Zira with prestigious Vendor Award for Certification of Innovation in IT Category as the recognition of strong partnership based on excellence and innovation.

Dubai, 2017


Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Zagreb, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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