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At ZIRA we work very closely, hand in hand with our partners.

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ZIRA’s Partners play a key role in our global corporate strategy. We believe the formula for mutual success and profitability is based on partner empowerment. That’s why we are investing in infrastructure to support our partners. Working together, we can take our businesses to new heights and provide our customers with increased levels of satisfaction.

It is an attractive and flexible way for companies to develop new markets and additional revenue by promoting mutual interests. We are constantly looking for new trustful business partners that can support our market and business expansion.

ZIRA Business Partner Program provides multiple ways to increase profitability and secure growth. Becoming ZIRA Partner will provide you with multiple instruments for sales, marketing and business development. We constantly invest in our Partners by organizing various trainings that secure business growth and joint revenue share.

ZIRA is a well aware of the constant importance of being locally present and closer to our customers during the delivery process. For that purpose, ZIRA introduces delivery partner program to empower our Partners, transfer our knowledge and share revenue opportunities.

Thanks to this approach our results are successful delivery, on time, within budget and without overheads, by optimizing mutual resources engagement.

Our Technology & Strategic Partners are industry leading companies that offer software platforms and hardware technology solutions.

Through these alliances, ZIRA is offering increasingly competitive solutions that lower our customers’ total cost of ownership; increase customer’s ROI and maximizes the performance of ZIRA’s products.

We at ZIRA are continuously maintaining highest level of certifications with our partners and affiliations ensuring we deliver on time the right solution for our customers.
GSMA Associate Member

ZIRA is a Member of GSM Association and actively participant in forums and group meeting discussions influencing the future of the GSM industry. With the GSMA membership, ZIRA can ensure its products are in line with globally recognized industry standards. We are thrilled to successfully deliver our rich solutions on a global stage, compliant with the GSMA standards to reinforce interoperability with related Telco Operators.
Becoming part of the world wide network that unites nearly 800 mobile operators with almost 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem.

Membership at TM Forum

To enable CSPs to quickly answer rising demands in new technologies and services, ZIRA solutions integrate best industry practices and standards. Membership at TM Forum, a world’s leading industry consortium, makes us to be in line with business-critical industry standards and expertise.

Oracle Gold Partner

Utilizing Oracle technology and development platform, ZIRA nurtured a long partner relationship. The partnership allows us an access to Oracle newest technology product stack, outstanding educational resources and support advantages. This helps our R&D team to be always at technology forefront.

Global revenue Assuarance Professional Associations Partner

ZIRA mastered service-oriented architecture implementation and became Oracle specialized SOA partner. With SOA approach across its products, ZIRA can help communications businesses to respond more quickly and cost-effectively to changing market conditions. ZIRA also offers most up-to-date SOA training to Oracle partners through SOA Boot Camp.

Co-founder of BIT Alliance

ZIRA is co-founder of BIT Alliance bringing together leading software development companies in order to empower IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its position within the global market. We believe that strong partnership is the main foundation for success of our businesses. Together, we are providing a platform for collaboration among IT companies enabling them to find their place in the global IT market.

Member of AmCham

ZIRA is a proud member of AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce in B&H). As a AmCham member ZIRA contributes to improving the spread of community and good will, without concern for the benefit. ZIRA also encourages building a good international relations with foreign companies and market, and also actively participates in AmCham vital work.

Member of GRAPA

As a proud member of “Global Revenue Assurance Professional Associations” (GRAPA) – leading standards, certification and professionalizing body in telecoms revenue risk, audit and assurance, ZIRA N2B Risk Management incorporates recommendations and guidelines issued by this recognized industry association.


ZIRA works regularly with Gartner analysts in order to get the most up-to-date feedback as well as to help in planning our product roadmap. Gartner provides fact-based consulting services, helping clients use and manage IT to enhance business performance.
ZIRA addresses not only existing desires and needs of our clients but to proactively develop and implement a future-proof solutions that will serve as the enabler of changes and implementation of new trends.
Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the successful organizations of tomorrow.

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