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Modernize your IT environments with agility and innovation

With more than 25 years of industry experience ZIRA is keeping you on the cutting-edge technology enabling the increase of your enterprise agility. Simplifying complex monolithic systems with cloud-native microservices in an open and integrated environment will dramatically reduce the time-to-market while opening disruptive business models for service providers.

Design Thinking and agile practices coupled with utilization of disruptive software and best-of-stack architecture based on microservices and open APIs is enabling ZIRA to continue providing award-winning products and solutions that fully cover the revenue monetization process and enable service providers to automate their business and customers’ relationships. With focus on high-performance, rigorous testing and security compliance to ensure highest industry standards to be met.

Enterprise-class Technology Stack


ZIRA solutions and products are built upon Java based enterpriseclass technology stack utilizing microservices and Open APIs architectural patterns with fully automated CI/CD deployment to any type of infrastructure, on-premises or in cloud container platforms.

Agile and cost-effective delivery  

State-of-art platform, based on the architectural principles of openness, modularity, and scalability, with future-ready framework that enables multiple solution packaging options, to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and protecting their investments without any overheads and hidden costs reducing OPEX and future CAPEX. Fully supporting expansion of our clients while securing an agile and cost-effective delivery of ZIRA solutions meeting specific demands based on technology and business requirements, while building a trustworthy relationship.


ZIRA Core is the system platform baseline with unified code base and core system functionalities that have been recognized over 25 years of industry expertise out of the box, based on full understanding of all challenges service providers face connected to transformation imperative and alignment to ever-changing market needs. It is providing tools to implement common system functionalities like application access control, monitoring and notifications, built in reporting etc., only by configuration per specific customer needs. It is built around the concept of native micro-services and open APIs for easier integration with third-party solutions, making it the heart of all ZIRA products.

Flexible Orchestration

Retaining the flexibility of loosely-coupled architecture to accommodate next generation services easily is speeding time to revenue and increasing overall enterprise agility. ZIRA Core is fully aligned with TM Forum’s Frameworkx, Open API and Open Digital Architecture to deliver next generation industry unique software products. The decoupling design patterns with exposed integration APIs to ensure extremely short and cost-effective integration.

DevOps and Microservices on tap leading towards zero touch operations

Automation of the development lifecycle, testing and release management workflows increases quality and reduces time to deployment of ZIRA software products. New functionalities and features can be delivered by different teams and go as fast as possible very often on top of existing systems. ZIRA DevOps platform supports multi-cloud environment comprising of private and public cloud technology from leading providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, other Private Clouds.


Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Zagreb, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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