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Product Lifecycle Management

zira Product Lifecycle Management

Streamline the process of entire product lifecycle management

With customers looking for more variety of digital services and content in our connected world on one side, CSPs must rollout new products and services quickly to stay competitive through customers’ preferred channels. The need to differentiate requires more complex products promptly reacting to market trends providing exceptional customer experience.

But it’s important to not only be able to launch these products but to be able to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of these products. Without a streamlined process, CSPs are forced to release what they can, not the product they want and most importantly there is no control over different product releases.

Having numerous stakeholders involved in product lifecycle from different internal departments and involved growing network of partners, leads to long and costly rollout of products without real-time visibility of product lifecycle management process.

Product Lifecycle Management schema
Product Lifecycle Management schema

ZIRA Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution enables the management of entire product lifecycle, from idea, design, development, testing, activation to retirement phase and includes consistent product performance and reporting of relevant product data across all systems. It supports different viewpoints across departments and multiple variety of use cases. ZIRA PLM enables seamless management and consolidated view of all product and offers’ phases, from design to retirement through embedded version control and release management.

ZIRA PLM will help product development and marketing teams to encounter fewer errors, and associated rework from referencing out-of-date information. Consistency and quality are important to effectively manage design, definition, publication and phasing out of products. This includes automating cost, price, performance, portfolio and customer management to streamline the entire product lifecycle management process. It helps to get to market quickly with new services and optimized product strategy. Providing collaborative environment and easy management of PLM business processes has resulted in an overall control and optimization over the product portfolio enabling timely offering of new product designs while allowing the adoption of emerging technologies.

With more control of critical data, product development teams can accelerate their design change review cycle and simplify the transfer of design information to development and production. These operational improvements allow CSPs to offer what the customers want faster and capture more revenue sooner. Automation and control over business processes will ensure governance, cost cutting and time to market. Greater value will come from real-time visibility of product lifecycle and performance that combines people, projects, workflows, technology and data into a strategic approach for developing and managing products and their lifecycles.

ZIRA PLM solution allows CSPs to assess investment decisions effectively, optimize existing resources, and take advantage of new and emerging market opportunities. It ensures that CSPs can expand the digital lifestyles of their customers to differentiate themselves from the intense competition of OTT and other service providers.

Product Lifecycle Management Key Benefits

End-to-End Product Lifecycle Management

Seamlessly manage all product and offers’ phases, from design to retirement.

Supporting Cross Team Collaboration

Better management insight into product-related processes and different organisational viewpoints.

Full Process Automation

Improved quality and automation of product data moving among people and systems.

360° Product Overview

Rich product performance insights through powerful analytics to accelerate product offering innovation.

Accelerate Product Roll-out

Improved time to market for new products.
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ZIRA Product Lifecycle Management
With customers looking for more variety of digital services and content in our connected world on one side, CSPs must rollout new products and services quickly to stay competitive through customers’ preferred channels.
ZIRA Product Catalog
Digital transformation continues to drive Communication Service Providers’ (CSPs) most critical strategic and operational decisions. Acceleration in the rate of technological change and advancement, together with customers becoming more demanding of complex and bundled services, has led CSPs to creating attractive packages of product offerings and changing how offers are presented to end users.
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Product Lifecycle Management schema


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