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ZIRA has provided Türk Telekom with an easy manageable, flexible and modular solution that has minimized the financial impact of fraud through advanced fraud detections and proactive prevention methodologies. ZIRA N2B Fraud Management is a powerful yet cost-effective solution that maximizes profits and improves customer satisfaction. ZIRA has confirmed itself as a trustful partner of choice with high commitment to quality output, deploying an end-to-end Fraud Management solution that meets both short and long-term goals of Türk Telekom.

Sabri Alyakut

Revenue and Resource Management Group Manager, Türk Telekom

ZIRA has provided Saudi Telecom Company (STC) with an innovative and reliably flexible ZIRA WBRM Interconnect Billing & Settlement software solution that best fits our needs. By converging and fully automating entire STC Settlement process, we have increased our operational efficiency, reduced human dependency and streamlined concurrently handled settlements to shorten settlement cycle completion and time to collection.

ZIRA has also confirmed itself as trustful vendor and business partner showing deep sensibility to our needs with full commitment to our objectives and we intend to continue that way with our full confidence.

Mr. Eid Alrowais

Liberty Global has had a very good partnership with ZIRA the last years. ZIRA drove the definition of Liberty Global’s architecture framework and strategy in the critical domains of Product Catalog & Lifecycle Management and Customer Order Management. The work resulted in adoption of the concepts by TM Forum to standards and updates in the Application Framework, TAM. We collaborated to bring the strategy to a real implementation in the TM Forum Catalyst project Omnishop, where ZIRA provided capabilities that are quite revolutionary in the Industry of Catalog to Catalog Publishing and Omnichannel Process Handling.

Rigas Parathyras

Solution Architect – Lead Digital, Liberty Global

ZIRA has confirmed itself as trustful vendor and partner showing deep sensibility to our needs with full commitment to our objectives performing always an extra mile in truly “SOA Black Belt” manner.

Tansu Dali

Tansu Dali

Middleware Development Department Manager, AVEA

ZIRA’s solution helps us meet requirements for order management supporting number portability with no single hour of delay. We also felt pleasure and easiness working with ZIRA thoughtful professionals and we intend to continue that way with our full confidence.

Dritan Tabaku

Project Manager, Deputy & Enterprise Architect in IT Development, PLUS Communication

In the world of increasingly frequent demands on speed with quality and delivering on time, especially in the Communication industry, we need the trustfully capable and cost-effective solution vendors and I am happy to say that we have ZIRA fulfilling our needs.

Derson Andrade

IT Manager, NetOne Angola

ZIRA is suitable for all types of service providers, including wire-line, wireless, data, and IP. The interesting element of BISA is its focus on Key Customers (usually, but not exclusively, corporate customers). ZIRA has a flexible pricing structure without forgoing any of their features or facilities. This highly functional product and highly focused team should be able to compete head to head with their competitors.

Helen Bowdern

Deputy Editor of Billing Magazine

ZIRA is taking its future on being free of the legacy systems issues. Utilizing a highly flexible and cost-effective Java-based framework. Component-oriented solution to service providers. Modular approach to CRM, billing and related OSS functions. ZIRA is able to deliver a dramatic reduction in both development time and support staff. ZIRA allows service providers to increment the functionality of their existing billing systems to handle the content and applications rich environment.

Alun Lewis

Telecommunications writer and consultant
Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1
UNITIC Business Tower A/5
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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