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Financial Settlement


State of art Financial Settlement solution that settles whatever you throw in

In the evolving wholesale market where new content services and the Internet of Things (IoT) provide the opportunity to grow beyond traditional business models, carriers must adapt to new market trends and develop winning wholesale strategies to capture these new revenue opportunities.

Wholesalers are facing the challenges of managing new products and services through handling complex agreements while also increasing their network of partners.  In order to respond to these challenges, ZIRA offers end-to-end wholesale solutions that meet the needs of the operator with a unique platform that covers trading, routing, billing, settlement and analytics.

ZIRA Wholesale is fully modular solution of independently deployed modules including business management, billing and settlement. ZIRA Settlement is a single convergent solution that fully settles multiple complex partner arrangements including dispute management. This industry-leading solution settles all services on a single platform, including content providers (IoT) and is fully automated to provide vital business information in real-time.

Performing as business decision making solution that transforms data into valuable information, ZIRA Settlement delivers wholesale process automation by verifying data consistency across the revenue chain and providing advanced analytics such as profit range, risk level per single wholesale partner. It handles all wholesale services and is flexible to respond operator’s needs by enabling operators to benefit from wholesale market opportunities while leveraging legacy investments.

ZIRA Financial Settlement Solution Process

Zira Settlement Process schema

Automated Invoice Assurance

Enables operators to automatically upload statements/invoices from all their wholesale partners, in multiple formats (pdf, excel and image). Loading is performed at the item level for statements and with multiple validations and checks. All invoices are reconciled with internal readings and discrepancies are automatically visualized at the item level. Discrepancy tolerance and management approval workflow are available options.

ZIRA Automated Invoice Assurance
ZIRA Convergent Multiparty Settlements

Convergent Multiparty Settlements

Enables the operator to drive next generation partner management by providing multiparty settlement for content providers, centralization strategies and MVNO coverage. By fully supporting business convergence, all wholesale services (voice, IP, capacity, roaming, content services (IoT)) can be settled within one statement. For effective data consistency, the settlement status is automatically reflected to all related inbound & outbound statement providing revenue share functionality, credit and debit notes generation & handling, deposit status tracking, while also supporting multicurrency.


Dispute Management

Covers end–to–end dispute workflow until resolution. Partial dispute functionality ensures cash-flow consistency by being able to split the invoice in two parts so non-disputed items can be sent immediately for further processing. In the case of prolonged disputes, CDR reconciliation functionality is available as final dispute resolution method while other resolution outputs are credit note, debit note, adjustments and re-issuing of new invoices.

ZIRA Dispute Management
ZIRA Collections and Payments

Collections and Payments

Ensures all invoices are either collected or paid supporting multicurrency payment methods, conversion rates and partial payments/collections. It is fully bi-directionally integrated with ERP through journals and retrieves payment status from ERP to ensure full data availability within a single place. In addition to live operational data, ZIRA Settlement provides snapshots data for financial, reporting and audit purposes such as Accrual/Actual Revenues & Expenses, Collections, Payments, Setoff and Earned/Unearned through a fully featured sub-ledger and configurable mappings.

ZIRA Settlement is supported by a comprehensive and fully configurable reporting management module that is a frontend application used for presentation, preview, data analysis and monitoring of data collected and generated within the system. It provides multiple options for outputs: multidimensional cubes, pdf reports, excel reports and dashboards like pie, bar-char and many others – that are also available on tablets and smartphones.


ZIRA Financial Settlement Key Benefits

Single Architecture / One Platform

Enables capturing of new revenue streams with a single solution covering all wholesale services.

Converge & Settle all Services

Supports real business convergence with settlement of all wholesale services (voice, IP, capacity, roaming, content services (IoT)) within a single statement.

Modularity for Legacy Protection

Operates on top of legacy wholesale/interconnect rating & billing as a fully modular solution.

Dispute Automation

Automates dispute management for cash flow consistency and fast resolution.


Automates the wholesale process for both incoming and outgoing invoices/statements.

Workflow-driven process

Provides data consistency with an end to end workflow-driven process.

Zero Human Errors

Reduces human errors by providing automated load of incoming invoices/statements and by applying multiple validations and checks within the revenue chain workflow.

Accelerate your Decision Making

Supports quick decision making and enables high level view of both operational and financial data with next generation analytics.

Full sub-ledgerAwareness

Enhances financial results awareness with full sub-ledger functionalities.

What Our Clients Say

ZIRA has provided Saudi Telecom Company (STC) with an innovative and reliably flexible ZIRA WBRM Interconnect Billing & Settlement software solution that best fits our needs. By converging and fully automating entire STC Settlement process, we have increased our operational efficiency, reduced human dependency and streamlined concurrently handled settlements to shorten settlement cycle completion and time to collection.

ZIRA has also confirmed itself as trustful vendor and business partner showing deep sensibility to our needs with full commitment to our objectives and we intend to continue that way with our full confidence.

Mr. Eid Alrowais

Mr. Eid Alrowais

ZIRA and Saudi Telecom Company were recognized for their collaborative deployment of an innovative wholesale solution that goes beyond the traditional approach to the settlement process.

London, 2016

London, 2016

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In the evolving wholesale market where new content services and the Internet of Things (IoT) provide the opportunity to grow beyond traditional business models, carriers must adapt to new market trends and develop winning wholesale strategies to capture these new revenue opportunities.
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