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In the era of well enabled digitalization, Telecom and some other industries start more aggressively crossing their borders in-between, combining, and bundling their businesses

Consequently, software solutions are assumed expected to follow and support this accordingly.

Thou well established in the Telecom Industry, ZIRA realized specifics to be considered to support movements of the cross-industry businesses bundling, and consequently established the Digital B2B Product & Services vertical for seamless businesses integration and cooperation, regardless of their business industry origin.

Additionally, more intensive carve-outs of Tower business into sole business entities, TowerCos, which with 5G, edge computing, and small cell realized new revenue streams opportunities, reflects necessity for mature BSS software solution specifically designed to respond TowerCo diversified business.


As the result of industry and market trends and expectations, ZIRA distinguish its Products and Services into the following business families responding to their specific needs, rather than industry names.

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Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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