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Professional Services

ZIRA Professional services

Implementation & Integration

Further streamline your overall system architecture through our systems implementation and integration approach. It is not only about developing and integrating new solutions, but also utilizing the legacy applications and systems to maximize returns from an existing IT investment. Strategic positioning and combining of new solutions with existing systems can integrate your complete enterprise architecture into a single business system.
ZIRA Professional services


The evolution from waterfall to continuous delivery, to become agile along the way, the must is to combine industry-proven DevOps practices with its own experience and knowledge, and then execute at scale. As a result Telecom operators expect new functionalities and features to be delivered by different teams, to go as fast as possible very often on top of existing systems. ZIRA DevOps toolchains and pipelines enable the automation required to practice continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous operations without down-time utilizing specific software architecture models such as micro services and well documented APIs. ZIRA’s DevOps covers the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle including an expanded set of stakeholders such as business owners and end users, and industry-proven practices. Continuous delivery is the desired future-state achieved with the application of a DevOps approach.
ZIRA Professional services

Data Migration

Data Migration is well understood to be a business critical process. Technological changes within providers, software updates, and data warehousing/data mining projects are business critical operations that demand the delicate handling of data migration. ZIRA’s strategy is to attain the highest level of accuracy and success in data migration. Our migration strategy is to implement automated and manual methods required to migrate, convert, and test all legacy data necessary for the operation of the new system. Our field proven and carefully planned approach, methods, and tools break down migration complexity to a manageable project reducing data loss risk.

ZIRA Professional services


ZIRA’s testing approach is an extensive process of testing the quality of all elements within an application system. This process includes functionally-oriented module testing, business-oriented module integration, systems integration, and acceptance testing. All business-oriented testing is based on a Business Process Model to align with all business requirements.

ZIRA Professional services

Post Deployment Maintenance Support

ZIRA’s Customer Support Center (“CSC”) is the central point of contact for all technical customer service requests. The Support Center call management process ensures all customer requests are logged, tracked, and monitored from the initial service request to resolution. ZIRA CSC offers a multi-layered approach to a total service solution. 


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