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ZIRA e-Invoicing Solution

ZATCA-Compliant e-Invoicing Solution

VAT Reporting and Clearing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia Introduces Fatoora: A Unified E-Invoicing Platform – Are You Prepared for Phase II? ZIRA’s eInvoicing Solution Provides ZATCA-Compliant Automation for Your Business.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first GCC country to introduce an e-invoicing platform Fatoora, which serves as a unified point of entry for all B2C, B2B, and B2G e-invoices. This platform represents a vital step forward in the country’s efforts to digitize its economy and promote transparency.

With Phase I – Generation Phase already in progress, organizations have initiated the preparations for the forthcoming Phase II – Integration phase, which will be implemented in two stages, effective from 1st January 2023.

ZIRA e-Invoicing Solution is tailor-made to specific ZATCA requirements imposed for taxpayers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fully ZATCA-compliant e-Invoicing solution will prepare your business for Phase I and Phase II, continuing advancements in VAT, and any further development of a broader tax regulatory framework. 

With ZIRA e-Invoicing Solution, businesses can automate the issuance of invoices, credit notes in compliance with ZATCA requirements. The solution integrates seamlessly with the Fatoora platform, ensuring accurate invoice transactions and real-time or near-real-time VAT reporting.

Seamless ZATCA Experience with
ZIRA e-Invoicing Solution


ZIRA e-Invoicing Key Benefits

ZATCA Compliance

Easily comply with ZATCA regulations and avoid penalties, while ensuring that invoices are accurate, complete, and are being issued in a timely manner.


Deploy rapidly using service-oriented architecture tailored for KSA e-Invoicing and update seamlessly in accordance with the ZATCA roadmap.


Shrink the cycle time needed to generate reporting for auditing, while also reducing fraud-induced losses with compliancy to prohibited functions requirements.


The solution's demonstrated ability to efficiently support mission critical operations with very large volumes of invoices with consistent response time across every aspect of processing.

Increased Efficiency 

Save time, eliminate labor-intensive manual updates, and enhance accuracy, ensuring continues and error-free flow of invoices.

Environmentally Friendly

Achieve your sustainability targets by reducing the environmental impact of paper-based invoicing by eliminating the need for paper invoices.

Stay ZATCA-Compliant with ZIRA e-Invoicing

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