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ZIRA Talent Academy

WHAT IS ZTA (Zira Talent Academy)?

Are you a graduate student looking for an internship to launch your IT career?

If the answer is YES – sign up for ZIRA Talent Academy!

ZIRA Talent Academy (ZTA) is a 9-week program, held 4 times per year. It is a perfect opportunity for graduate IT students to launch and accelerate their career path in the IT industry.

Working on the latest tech stack, interns gain valuable experience delivering code in real-time through the principles of the Agile methodology, implementing daily standups, and working in 1-week sprints.

More about ZTA:

  • 9 weeks online certified program
  • full-stack technologies: CSS, Java, Angular, Maven, Spring, ActiveMQ…
  • full-time mentorship support;
  • simulation of a real project environment;
  • best interns are awarded with full-time employment opportunity! 

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If you want to learn more about open vacancies and career opportunities at ZIRA, visit our Careers page.

ZTA interns make 30% of total ZIRA new hires in the last 365 days!

Lines of code
Hours per cycle
Students per cycle
Times a year

ZTA is held 4 times a year!


The program is fully implemented online.

ZIRA Talent Academy
ZIRA Talent Academy

Technologies are based on frontend and backend, so our interns complete the Talent Academy training program with full-stack technology, ready to work on the actual projects in the industry. The stack includes CSS, Java, Angular, Maven, Spring, ActiveMQ and many more.

Due to great interest, we increased the number of participants from 15 to 30.

ZIRA Talent Academy

Invest a lot of effort and preferably if you can put ZTA at the top of the priority list, because in my case it paid off in the end.

WHy zta

What you get with ZTA

ZTA helps you to prepare for your coding future

Get hired after finishing ZTA

Real project simulation

Remote learning

ZTA life balance

Meetings with mentor on a daily basis

ZTA certificate after finishing

Professional Development with ZTA

Learn on latest technologies


What our students say

I think ZTA is a great choice for anyone who wants to start their own programming career. 

After the ZTA, I planned to continue my work as a software developer. To my great satisfaction, the ZIRA team offered me an opportunity to join their team which I happily took. I am highly motivated to tackle new challenges in this great team. 

ZIRA Talent Academy Intern

The experience I have gained at ZTA helped me begin my journey of becoming a Full Stack Developer. 

In addition to mastering front-end and backend technologies, I have learned how to work in a team, work on my problem-solving skills and organize my tasks. 

ZTA was held online, the meetings were well organized, interactive, and the mentor was there to answer any questions and help with the harder parts. 

ZIRA Talent Academy Intern

The true value of ZTA was actually in the chance I got to be employed by the ZIRA. I currently work as a Software Developer, looking forward to each new big project, to the chance to learn, to work in a dynamic environment, side by side with people who have answers to all my questions. I am truly happy to be a part of this amazing ZIRA team.

ZIRA Talent Academy Intern

When I got the task to work on the trial project using Java and Angular, I got scared thinking that I wouldn’t make it, as it was my first experience with Java. Plus, there was this full-stack development that scared me additionally, as I had been focused on the backend technologies. Fortunately, with a great mentor who had even greater patience for tons of my questions, this internship proved to be an excellent chance for me to step out of my comfort zone, and get the skills needed to work with new technologies.

ZIRA Talent Academy Intern

At the beginning of ZTA, I had my first encounter with a lot of things that I currently use, so it can be concluded that ZTA is a very good introduction to my current daily needs.

On the other hand, it helped me decide which path of personal development to take, which segments to develop further and how to develop my “professional path”.

ZIRA Talent Academy Intern



The applications are closed, if you missed to apply for this ZIRA Talent Academy, we encourage you to follow us on social media and website for the new ZIRA Talent Academy.


Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Zagreb, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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