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“In God We Trust” – but in dollar flow we don’t

Margin Protection & Fraud Prevention with Real Time Traffic Controls – Part 3

By Harun Hasić, Product Manager, ZIRA

In my last blog we talked about margin protection control, and how to keep our margin in the green zone. However, In ZIRA solution suit, margin control is just a tip of the iceberg that combines “the best of both worlds” – price control and automatic routing control. There is also one more innovative system solution introduced to the ZIRA family, born form the same principles as margin control, called “Online Credit Control & Netting”. This time we will dive into the world of online credit control, so lean back and enjoy the ride.

Trust your Partners 99%, but keep the 1% for the benefit of the doubt

Simply said, ZIRA Online Credit Control & Netting is a solution that gives the Business User direct insight and full control of Partner traffic in real time.
Online Credit Control & Netting is equipped with various ways of latest network integration approaches, for one there is the Diameter integration. Besides the Diameter, the solution uses the classic SIP redirect features. This gives Business User the possibility to control different call parameters with various sets of rules.
For example, the User has the possibility to set the limit for maximum Traffic amount they want to receive from a partner, which may be better defined as “controlling the credit exposure with specific Customer”. In other words, traffic flows on the network, it is redirected to “Online Credit Control & Netting”, which rates it and compares it with the set limits in real time.
With this limit reached, the system has the possibly to notify all stakeholders and continue monitoring the traffic, allowing it to flow, or block the traffic in real time. It must be mentioned that there are a lot more features like price control in real time or controlling the unwanted traffic by defining the high rates.
The same goes for “controlling the outgoing cost for specific Supplier”, where the User sets the desired limit on outgoing traffic.
Combining the control of incoming and outgoing traffic, we implemented one more option – “Netting”. It is used for Partner Operators, that are both Customer and Suppliers of traffic. The traffic amount is netted in the real time and then compared with the set limit.

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About ZIRA

ZIRA is a leading vendor of award-winning Revenue Management, Order Management, Product Catalog and Customer Partner Management covering full lead to cash process for retail and wholesale business in telecom industry. ZIRA is committed to maximizing customers’ value by continuously evolving its business portfolio for both B2C and B2B offerings, protecting legacy investments, and reducing the risk and cost of implementation. For over 25 years ZIRA is well known for its customers’ trust, a commitment to exceptionally short implementation time through an innovative approach to software delivery lifecycle, and the increase of overall operational efficiency. Working with 50+ Telecom operators and digital service providers across 30+ countries, having offices in The Netherlands, Dubai UAE, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, and USA.

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