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How To Manage Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry - ZIRA

How To Manage Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry

Discover how CSPs can enhance their data analytics capabilities to keep pace with the complexity of telecoms. In the data-heavy telecommunications industry, analytics present a huge opportunity for improvement. So much so that the telecom analytics market is expected to reach $23.66 billion by 2032, and the number of CSPs investing in analytics use cases…

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The Path to Agile Telecom Operations: Exploring TM Forum’s ODA

The fundamental changes in business operations within the telecommunications sector are prompting telcos to rethink their outdated IT architectures. The shift away from integrated, siloed business models highlights the inadequacies of monolithic IT systems. Recognizing these challenges, ZIRA advises its customers to adopt TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) to achieve a more agile, horizontal,…

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Finding Long-Lived Success How Can Tower Companies Maximize Success with BSS

Finding Long-Lived Success: How Can Tower Companies Maximize Success with BSS?

Tower company business models have already proven extremely successful in the telecommunications ecosystem. But operating a towerco is not without its challenges. In this blog, Rigas Parathyras, ZIRA’s Vice President of Products, explores the reasons behind towercos’ success, and the opportunities – and difficulties – it brings to business leaders. The golden age of delayering…

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Everything You Need to Know About Modern-Day BSS

Business Support Systems (BSS) have been around for decades, supporting and streamlining CSPs’ day-to-day operations. However, with continued delayering, the transition from Communications Service Provider to Digital Service Provider, and the continued evolution of next-generation connectivity, the role of BSS has become even more important than ever before. And yet, many CSPs are still using…

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Whenever, wherever: mastering the omnichannel experience

As digital interactions redefine customer expectations, CSPs must prioritize seamless omnichannel experiences to distinguish themselves in the telecommunications industry, meeting the evolving demands of both partners and customers. The way customers think of products and services has changed fundamentally in recent years. New purchases are now just a click away and can be with the…

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3 Revenue Management Myths and Their Impact on CSPs - ZIRA

3 Revenue Management Myths and Their Impact on CSPs

Getting revenue management wrong can cause serious harm, and yet, there are a few mistakes in this realm that CSPs continually fall into. In this blog, Merima Žiko, Product Manager at ZIRA examines three common beliefs around revenue management that may be negatively impacting CSPs’ customer relationships – and their bottom line. In today’s communications…

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