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Wrap your SIP in a warm blanket of Diameter comfort and seize the full control of your network

Margin Protection & Fraud Prevention with Real Time Traffic Controls – Part 5

By Harun Hasić, Product Manager, ZIRA

In last part of my blog, we will discuss SIP driven routing controls enriched by the Diameter protocol potential. This part may be bit more technical in nature but don’t worry, as always, we are in your corner.

SIP, Diameter, what’s the difference? Routing is routing, right? Or is it? Hmm…

While the traditional, SIP Redirect Routing, makes a substantial part of Network functionalities itself, Diameter Routing is a new way of Routing Control. Both approaches control the Routing functionality on the Network but differ in the cause of Routing decision making. SIP Redirect re-routing functionality is a network functionality triggered when supplier trunk conditions are met. Opposite of SIP Redirect, based on pure Network set conditions, Diameter based solution relies on Business rules and traffic control.
For example, in traditional networks, when the certain level of supplier trunk capacity is reached, SIP Redirect is activated, and traffic is rerouted to next Supplier trunk in line.
On the other hand, there is the Diameter driven Credit Control, when the set limit for the maximum allowed traffic is met, traffic is re-routed to next Supplier trunk in line.
Contrary to traditional SIP redirect, diameter-based routing has additional ways of routing control exclusive to this kind of routing:

  • Possibility to control the number of active sessions. When the set number is reached, the sessions are blocked.
  • Control of Fraud traffic. The user has the possibility to set the limit of allowed fraud traffic. When the set number of fraud limit is reached, all fraud traffic above that limit will be blocked.
  • Price control of Fraud traffic. The user has the possibility to set the special, high, price for fraud traffic in case he does not want to block it. When the fraud traffic is received – all fraud traffic is rated per set special price.
  • Recognition and full block of Fraud traffic. The user has the possibility to set the rules for fraud traffic recognition. When the fraud traffic is received, all fraud traffic is blocked.


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