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Unlocking Success: ZIRA and Sunrise’s Remarkable Journey

Discover the Inspiring Story of ZIRA and Sunrise in the July 2023 Edition of Mobile Magazine

In the July 2023 edition of Mobile Magazine, we unveil the extraordinary journey of ZIRA with Sunrise, as it embraces transformation and pioneer innovative business models. This issue casts a spotlight on ZIRA’s digital prowess and its exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate two distinct technology stacks: Sunrise’s and UPC’s.

Empowering Sunrise to Overcome Legacy Challenges

This strategic collaboration empowered Sunrise to:

  • Accelerate Service Launch: Drastically reducing time to market for new services.
  • Minimize Reliance on Legacy Systems: Ensuring agility and efficiency in their operations.
  • Ensure Seamless Transition: With zero impact on end-customers during the transformation.

Discover how ZIRA’s Customer Order Management & Product Catalog, a part of our award-winning BSS suite, played a pivotal role in streamlining Sunrise’s operations. It enabled them to swiftly launch digital services and drive growth without compromising Quality of Service (QoS).

Lejla Pljevljak-Rašidagić

ZIRA's flexible, modular solutions seamlessly coexist with legacy systems, enabling Sunrise to execute their roadmap effectively.

Our objective is to keep our organization ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving landscape. At Sunrise, we understand the future of these services, especially in the B2B sector. We're preparing the technical enablers to support commercial demand securely, protected, and compliant.

Anna Maria Blengino

Witness the Remarkable Journey of Sunrise and the Transformative Force of ZIRA

Read this edition of Mobile Magazine as we unveil the incredible journey of Sunrise and the transformative impact of ZIRA. Stay tuned for this inspiring story of innovation and success!

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