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ZIRA Scholarships Fund Zijah Rašidagić

Student Scholarships

In line with the vision and values of the ZIRA founder, Zijah Rašidagić, we recognize that good education and training of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of the utmost value for their future, but also the future of this country.

Educated young people have an opportunity with their knowledge and personal commitment to contribute to the society as a whole while also, at the same time, ensuring the prosperous future for themselves.

Don’t let a single day go by without a step forwards, “Nulla dies sine linea”, was the motto of the ZIRA’s founder. ZIRA is persistent in helping passionate, hard-working, and talented students achieve their dreams.

In 1996 Zijah Rašidagić (Sarajevo, 1945 – 2019), an electrical engineer, started his own information technology company ZIRA that soon rose to prominence as one of the leading IT companies in the region.  What distinguished ZIRA from the other local companies was its founder’s vision of development of its own IT product that could eventually be marketed globally.  This was rather ambitious vision for the newly established Bosnian company in 1996.

What stood ahead of ZIRA’s team of young engineers who believed in his vision was, first, identification of a promising market niche, development of the new product from scratch and, finally, winning the trust of the most demanding international clientele. All of this had to be accomplished without external financing and support, relying solely on its own resources. However, Zijo, as he was affectionately known among his close associates, whose personal motto ”Nulla dies sine linea” became the motto of his company, made his team power through the challenges, succeeding eventually in making ZIRA recognized worldwide as a vendor of high-quality solutions in the telecom industry. 

Zijah Rašidagić

Recipients of Zijah Rašidagić 2022 student scholarships

Čaušević Ishak

Dervišević Adnan

Fajić Sajra

Goralija Hanka

Kahrimanović Amar

Kandić Elma

Marevac Elmin

Mavrić Adna

Mešanović Hana

Mešanović Mak

Muslibegović Muhamed

Mušinbegović Hanka

Paradžik Sandro

Pašić Iman

Petrović Armin

Pugonja Adna

Purišević Naida

Semanic Mirnes

Tahirović Faik

Vrce Isam

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Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Zagreb, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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