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ZIRA Scholarships 2023/24 Applications Are Closed

At ZIRA, we understand the profound significance of providing young talents in Bosnia and Herzegovina with quality education and proper training. Such investments empower not only their individual growth but also hold the key to our nation’s collective future. Educated youth have the potential to contribute to society as a whole with their knowledge and dedication, thereby laying the groundwork for a prosperous future.  

Our commitment to social responsibility seamlessly harmonizes with the visionary principles laid down by our founder, Mr. Zijah Rašidagić.

What truly distinguished us from the other local companies was his ambition to create a globally significant and recognized IT product. Back in 1996, Mr. Zijah, an electrical engineer, embraced the personal motto ‘Nulla dies sine Linea’ as his guiding beacon, inspiring his then-small team of young, talented engineers to overcome numerous challenges, culminating in the establishment of ZIRA as a globally renowned provider of top-tier telecom industry solutions. 

Zijah Rašidagić

The applications are closed, if you missed to apply for this ZIRA scholarship, we encourage you to follow us on social media and website for the new ZIRA scholarship.


Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Zagreb, Croatia
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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