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Zijah Rašidagić Fund Scholarship Program Results

We proudly announce the results of ZIRA’s Zijah Rašidagić Fund Scholarship Program.

In line with the vision and values of the ZIRA founder, Zijah Rašidagić, we recognize that good education and training of young people is of the utmost value for their future.

Educated young people have an opportunity with their knowledge and personal commitment to contribute to society as a whole while also, at the same time, ensuring a prosperous future for themselves.

Don’t let a single day go by without a step forwards, “Nulla dies sine linea”, was the motto of the ZIRA’s founders.  ZIRA is persistent in helping passionate, hard-working, and talented students achieve their dreams.

Congratulations to all scholarship holders:

Čaušević Ishak

Dervišević Adnan

Fajić Sajra

Goralija Hanka

Kahrimanović Amar

Kandić Elma

Marevac Elmin

Mavrić Adna

Mešanović Hana

Mešanović Mak

Muslibegović Muhamed

Mušinbegović Hanka

Paradžik Sandro

Pašić Iman

Petrović Armin

Pugonja Adna

Purišević Naida

Semanic Mirnes

Tahirović Faik

Vrce Isam

About ZIRA

ZIRA is a leading vendor of award-winning Revenue Management, Order Management, Product Catalog and Customer Partner Management covering full lead to cash process for retail and wholesale business in telecom industry. ZIRA is committed to maximizing customers’ value by continuously evolving its business portfolio for both B2C and B2B offerings, protecting legacy investments, and reducing the risk and cost of implementation. For over 25 years ZIRA is well known for its customers’ trust, a commitment to exceptionally short implementation time through an innovative approach to software delivery lifecycle, and the increase of overall operational efficiency. Working with 50+ Telecom operators and digital service providers across 30+ countries, having offices in The Netherlands, Dubai UAE, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, and USA.


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