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With the Network evolving at the speed of light, is it time to harvest the evolution’s full potential in Operator Business too?

Margin Protection & Fraud Prevention with Real Time Traffic Controls – Part 1

By Harun Hasić, Product Manager, ZIRA

In this day and age, most operators rely heavily on integration of Business Management Decision making systems and Operator Networks. With persistent evolution of the next generation Networks, new possibilities and faster decision-making chances are constantly within reach. But what is the missing link?

Tales of old and dreams of new

One common trading Business suit runs with Rate Sheet Exchange module, capable of issuing “Sell Price” sheets and loading “Buy Price” sheets into the system. Additionally, the system includes handling of buy and sell prices in the Rating, where they are used for processing of CDR’s received from Mediation, later used in the Billing for Invoice Handling.

As the parts of Price Management, Rating and Billing are integral to any Business solution, they get constantly upgraded improving speed and precision. However, one part of this common “Business to Network” structure remains a “black sheep” of the upgraded Business solution family – the management of Network from the Business level itself. Features from next generation networks remain underutilized, so we can freely say that most business solution todays struggle to become “smart solutions”.

Operators, not lucky enough to have automatic provisioning, still rely on Network Teams for manual implementation of complex numbering plans and reroute scripts. Such orders can take hours or even days to complete manually, causing discrepancies and even disputes on the Billing side.  What is more, with just these orders, the network control appears limited from the Business perspective.  On the other side, network fraud prevention and traffic control still rely on decisions and setups made by Network Teams, leaving Business Teams out of the decision making.

Now, what if I told you that the revolution has already started. What if I told you that in a vast telco ocean there is a team of people that gathered around the idea of “how to benefit from the next generation network features on Business side“.

In my series of blogs, we’ll take a peek at the shape of things to come. We’ll explore the benefits of the next generation network features for margin protection, credit control, black and whitelisting and fraud control. So, ready to go? If yes, then let us dive in.

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About ZIRA

ZIRA is a leading vendor of award-winning Revenue Management, Order Management, Product Catalog and Customer Partner Management covering full lead to cash process for retail and wholesale business in telecom industry. ZIRA is committed to maximizing customers’ value by continuously evolving its business portfolio for both B2C and B2B offerings, protecting legacy investments, and reducing the risk and cost of implementation. For over 25 years ZIRA is well known for its customers’ trust, a commitment to exceptionally short implementation time through an innovative approach to software delivery lifecycle, and the increase of overall operational efficiency. Working with 50+ Telecom operators and digital service providers across 30+ countries, having offices in The Netherlands, Dubai UAE, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, and USA.

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