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The Path to Agile Telecom Operations: Exploring TM Forum’s ODA

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Dragana Popović

Senior Product Consultant

The fundamental changes in business operations within the telecommunications sector are prompting telcos to rethink their outdated IT architectures. The shift away from integrated, siloed business models highlights the inadequacies of monolithic IT systems. Recognizing these challenges, ZIRA advises its customers to adopt TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) to achieve a more agile, horizontal, plug-and-play operating model.

What is TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA)?

TM Forum’s ODA is a component-based framework that defines standardized, interoperable software components organized into loosely coupled domains. These components offer business services through Open APIs built on a common data model. ODA provides telcos with a plug-and-play model, facilitating easier integration, deployment, and upgrades.

The move away from tightly integrated telco models requires interoperability between different layers and partnerships to offer global services. To support these significant organizational changes, TM Forum’s ODA is essential. The ODA approach promotes composable solutions and automated operations, accelerating the journey from concept to cash.

The ODA framework is also gaining traction in InfraCo and SatCo layers. As new use cases emerge, they introduce additional requirements for existing systems. Interoperability with partners underscores the necessity of ODA to facilitate this collaboration and unlock new revenue streams.

Why CSPs Should Adopt the ODA Approach

Open Digital Architecture (ODA) represents an industry-led set of open standards and certified software, fostering a new era of collaboration, monetization, and industry integration. Here are the key reasons why Communications Service Providers (CSPs) should adopt the ODA approach:

  1. Seamless Collaboration and New Revenue Streams

ODA bridges the gap between operators, vendors, and partners, facilitating seamless industry collaboration. This enables CSPs to enter the partner ecosystem more effectively, accelerating the transition from concept to cash and opening up new revenue streams.

  1. Gaining Competitive Advantage

By leveraging zero-touch partnering, AI, and automation, ODA helps CSPs and their partners develop industry-focused, cross-competitive solutions. These solutions allow CSPs to stay ahead of the competition and meet the growing demands of their customers.

  1. Cost-Efficient IT System Management

Moving away from monolithic IT systems to an ODA approach involves adopting loosely coupled domains. This transition addresses the challenge of differing perspectives within the organization and streamlines skills, processes, governance, decision-making, planning, and investment cycles.

  1. Addressing Evolving Needs

ODA, aligned with TM Forum’s industry-leading standards, ensures consistency and compatibility, making it easier for Business Support System (BSS) vendors to meet the evolving needs of CSPs. Working within the ODA framework, BSS vendors can enable a wide range of value-driven use cases and implement proven best practices.



The telecommunications sector is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the need to modernize outdated IT architectures and adopt more agile, interoperable solutions. TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a component-based, plug-and-play model that ensures seamless integration and automated operations. As CSPs strive for agility, the ODA framework becomes essential for enabling efficient, future-ready telecom operations.

ZIRA recently achieved Platinum-level TM Forum’s Open APIs conformance and continues to pave the way for CSPs to transition smoothly to agile operations. If you want to learn more about TM Forum ODA, contact us!

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