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Telco AI Platform

Transform Your Business with the Power of AI

It’s time to introduce the benefits of AI into your wholesale telecoms business. Unlock growth and build successful strategies across your organization, from interconnect to billing and beyond.

ZIRA’s industry-first AI Telco Platform finally places the power of AI in the hands of wholesale telecoms businesses. Analyze and predict future data changes, from customer and supplier trading prices to profitability billing data. Remove uncertainty and improve decision-making by acquiring deeper insights for continued success.

Transform Your Business with the Power of AI

Accelerate Wholesale Telecoms with AI-Enabled Insights

React First to Dynamic Changes

Get the most out of complex and dynamic data sets. ZIRA AI Telco Platform uses a powerful combination of traditional time series forecasting and machine learning algorithms to predict future changes in a timely manner. Understanding fluctuations, such as changing supplier prices, traffic amounts, revenues and expenses, cost calculations, and constantly changing traffic routes can help you understand the future and make better-informed decisions.

Unlock Growth with Well-Informed Decisions

In an industry as fast-paced as telecoms, having access to the right information can be a significant differentiator. Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms unearth insight from complex data sets, allowing you to make the best decision at the best time. Grow your business by understanding changes in revenues, partner behavior, margins, and more.

Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Business

Turn any data into insight with AI. ZIRA AI Telco Platform can easily integrate with any of your existing products by simply providing a data source via an API or a database. Our flexible platform connects with your current solutions, including the full range of ZIRA products. Simply provide the AI Telco Platform with source data to spread the power of AI across your entire organization.

AI Telco Platform Use Cases

Add value to a variety of business areas that rely on time series data. Explore example use cases below.

Revenue Management

Get a granular view of profitability with revenue and expense forecasting.

  • Integrate billing data and user-defined parameters for enhanced calculations
  • Get detailed insight into profitability and business health
  • Take proactive measures to protect your bottom line

Trading and Routing Management

Understanding dynamic data changes is key for your interconnect business. ZIRA’s Telco AI Platform can support your trading and routing organization in a variety of ways, helping you protect margins and provide reliable services to customers.


Understand changing supplier prices to get a competitive advantage.

  • Predict supplier prices up to six months in advance using historical data and discover new deal opportunities
  • Factor in variables such as customer accounts, purchased products, and destinations
  • Get actionable advice from our Supplier AI assistant

Get a view of future traffic to improve your routing processes.

  • Get advanced insights to proactively manage traffic
  • Integrate factors such as customers, suppliers, and destinations
  • Optimize routing strategies and improve negotiation outcomes

Understand and simplify complex routing decisions with the help of AI.

  • Improve your routing prediction capabilities and uncover new routing opportunities
  • Leverage key parameters such as customers, suppliers, products, and destinations
  • Plan ahead for potential margin risks associated with traffic volumes

See The Future with AI Telco Platform

Your business belongs in the future. With our industry-first AI technology, you can enhance processes and enable better decision-making for your entire wholesale business.

Enjoy a long list of benefits when implementing ZIRA AI Telco Platform into your organization.

Improved Accuracy

Use machine learning algorithms to analyze large data sets from multiple sources.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automate data collection, preprocessing, and modeling, saving you time and effort while limiting errors.

Expedited Decision-Making

Turn your decision-making processes from reactive to proactive using accurate and reliable forecasts.

Deeper Insights

Use the platform’s AI Assistant to get accurate summaries of patterns, trends, and correlations inaccessible to traditional systems and identify the ideal next step for your organization.

Competitive Edge

Anticipate market shifts quickly, optimize resource allocation, and outperform your competition.

Accelerated Growth

Use AI-enabled insights to uncover profitable routing and pricing opportunities and partner deals, optimize day-to-day processes, and focus on innovation.

Key Features

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