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Real Time Credit Control & Netting

ZIRA Real Time Credit Control & Netting


Increasing number of risky or slow payers wholesale carriers, products diversification and high potential of slowly collected or unbilled traffic, create necessity for more complex and time consuming definition of acceptable risk exposure strategies. Moreover, Billing’s limited support for personalization and flexibility of setting limits methodologies, inevitably create space for diversified trade-offs in between new revenue streams enablement and risk exposure mitigation.

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ZIRA Real Time Credit Control & Netting Management goes beyond a typical Credit Management software capabilities and based on actual traffic control, performs online “usage netting” (i.e. billed-unbilled traffic) with up to, maximum 3 minutes of latency, which also include fraudulent attempts distinguished controls (i.e. fraudulent attempts prevention or monetization) and bi-directional consumption correlation.

ZIRA Real Time Credit Control & Netting

Key Benefits

Configurable risk exposure personalized policy: per an Account/Partner (pre/postpaid).

Multiple limit refile options: deposit, bank guarantee or traffic.

Minimized latency.

Configurable threshold alarms (severities) and notifications.

Configurable risk exposure personalized policy: per an Agreement‘s Product(s).

Applicable discounts and rate change (i.e. prorate) calculation.

Scheduled or ad-hoc policy activation and update.

Robustness and high-end performance.

Usage measurement upon minutes or monetary values.

Bi-directional (In/Out) traffic per Account.

Automated barr/unbarr options (limit/refile, daily/combined).

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ZIRA WBRM Billing & Settlement

ZIRA WBRM Billing & Settlement unifies invoicing, settlement and financial processes executed within wholesale business domain into single platform simplifying and streamlining collaboration with Partners, Customer and internal business department i.e. Sales, Billing & Finance.

Saudi Telecom Case Study

Successful completion of the project optimized STC staff’s operational efficiencies, reduced human interactivity, dependency and delays, streamlined concurrently handled settlements, shortened settlement cycle completion and time to collection.

ZIRA WBRM Settlement Video

In the evolving wholesale market where new content services and the Internet of Things (IoT) provide the opportunity to grow beyond traditional business models, carriers must adapt to new market trends and develop winning wholesale strategies to capture these new revenue opportunities.
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Our approach is unrivalled and our capability is global.

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