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Connect the Dots of Wholesale Processes and Operations

Picture of Alen Muslić

Alen Muslić

Chief Strategy Officer

Converge and unify to gain operational efficiency

As discussed in my last blog, transforming wholesale revenue management is key for telco operators to take advantage of the many great current market opportunities and be set for future growth. But taking a step back it’s also important to look at areas where wholesale departments are facing issues with current management and operational activities. One area that is often overlooked is the extensive amount of manual processes and inefficiencies that result in human mistakes, inability to have an end-to-end view of data and inability to get data quickly to make important decisions. This can mean lost revenue and not being able to capture new revenue.

As operators look to increase operational efficiency, while also reducing OPEX costs, related to manual handlings and processing, they should start by taking a high-level view of all the business areas and functions related to their wholesale operations. Often they see many different systems and processes that have been put in place over time and pieced together. The isolated pieces of legacy systems, interrupted process flows and excessive human dependency within the processes create the unwanted costs, delays and overhead.

To be able to manage and automate wholesale operations effectively, the wholesale and partner business should be converged, including recurring traffic and roaming, with wholesale billing, settlement, payment and collection confirmation processes on one unified end-to-end platform. This can be done by deploying integrated system modules to cover recurring charges, billing period management, billing, dispute management, settlement, roaming management, financial management and reporting for the end to end integration.

Full convergence for all wholesale services (voice, data, roaming) managed with a unified software solution provides data accuracy and consistency and end-to-end wholesale business insights and analytics for an in-depth understanding of each partner, their behavior and value. By consolidating the wholesale businesses and operations in an automated way they will see an increase in wholesale effectiveness and growth. The human interactivity, dependency and delays are reduced, concurrently handled settlements are streamlined and settlement cycle completion and time to collection are shortened. ‘Digital bridges’ created between all the internal businesses with the unified platform break the silos between departments and provide an easier, more automated way to interact and share business insights.

Read this case study on Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and how as they connected operations with a unified framework to respond to new market opportunities, they also gained many efficiencies with positive quantifiable results with their current wholesale operations.

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