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5 Product Management Challenges - and How to Solve Them - Cover

5 Product Management Challenges – and How to Solve Them

Effective product management is fundamental to the profitability of a Communication Service Provider’s (CSP) service offering. A comprehensive Product Catalog is not only the master source of information for all products and services offered, but it interacts with and informs virtually every BSS function. This makes it pivotal to successful customer and partner management. It…

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ZIRA and stc awards - cover

ZIRA and stc awarded with two Bronze Stevie® Award

ZIRA and stc (Saudi Telecom Company) have been honored for their joint efforts in supporting stc's steadfast dedication to leading technological advancements and fostering product innovation. In a prestigious ceremony held in Rome, Italy, ZIRA and stc were announced as recipients of two Bronze Stevie® Awards in the categories of Achievement in Technology Innovation and…

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7 benefits for CSPs adopting a Marketplace model

One of the only constants in the telecoms industry is change and evolution. From new standards and network generations to innovative applications and use cases, adaptation is nothing new for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). However, the next wave of evolution for CSPs will bring about a much more significant shift. The need to serve new…

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Unlocking Success: ZIRA and Sunrise’s Remarkable Journey

Discover the Inspiring Story of ZIRA and Sunrise in the July 2023 Edition of Mobile Magazine In the July 2023 edition of Mobile Magazine, we unveil the extraordinary journey of ZIRA with Sunrise, as it embraces transformation and pioneer innovative business models. This issue casts a spotlight on ZIRA's digital prowess and its exceptional ability…

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Becoming Cloud Native with Open Digital Architecture - ZIRA

Becoming Cloud Native with Open Digital Architecture

In today's data-hungry landscape, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have a real challenge to meet ever-growing customer demands and expectations. Thriving in this environment depends on the ability to adapt swiftly to market trends. And, as we’ve been discussing recently, one of the biggest opportunities for CSPs will be through collaboration and partnerships. However, to take…

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Empowering Partnerships with ZIRAs ABCDE

Empowering Partnerships with ZIRA’s ABCDE

“No man is an island” may refer to humans, but it is a phrase that truly resonates within the communication industry. The complexity of the ecosystem means that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to work with specialist partners to meet the growing wholesale and retail customer demands. Whether looking to access new markets, expand service…

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Digital transformation - implementation

Open Digital Architecture in practice: Implementation

Open Digital Framework (ODF) and Open Digital Architecture (ODA) are already transforming the communications sector, with several big operators across the globe now running on ODA. Why? One big advantage of the approach spearheaded by TM Forum is the way it facilitates practical implementations. TM Forum and its members acknowledge that in a multi-party ecosystem,…

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Open Digital Architecture Streamlining through standardization-2

Open Digital Architecture: Streamlining through standardization

Increased agility, a drastic reduction in the development cycle for products and services, and a smoother road to migration from legacy systems. It sounds like music to the ears of Communication Service Providers (CSPs), but is it something that is really achievable? Traditionally, building IT systems for communication networks has been fraught with challenges from…

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