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An Unexpected Product Journey & Collecting the Reward

Magical journey of ZIRA Products – Part 3

By Mirza Mujanović, Product Manager, ZIRA

So, since now we covered the basics needed for our Product to be competitive on the market. We also talked about implementation of innovative features that make our products stand above the rest. If you are still with us, congratulations, we covered 50%, half of the road. Now, if you ask yourself “What? How could we only cover 50% with all those points? Wasn’t that all there is?” your question would be legit. But believe me, to achieve excellence with your Product as we do in ZIRA, there is more.

Give your Customer the Opportunity to be Part of Your Product Journey

But what is that “more” that I mentioned. What is more to a telco product than covering of business daily processes and workflows with innovative features? How do we look for that “more”? Same as an old Alaskan Prospector was looking for a gold nuggets in the rivers and snow, we always try to look for that “special” something. For the secret ingredient that can make our product stand above the rest. And that ingredient is …*drum roll*… dedication. Dedication with countless hours that we spent in creation and maintenance of our Products make us stand above the rest.

See, sometimes life deals you the “easy hand” and it’s pretty easy to develop a Product that goes into production. Yeah, for sure you’ll take that money, and for sure you will note care about what happens afterwards. But newsflash – that is not a product – that is simply a project that you finished and that is not worth mentioning anymore. See, ZIRA Products as every other product start with a version that is delivered to Customers. And sometimes there are rocky starts with hiccups.

Here is where dedication comes into the play. It is very important not to give up on initial enthusiasm and to support the Customer. Be always there, and remember “you are doing it for yourself, not only for your Customer”. After the first few months of production, the baby-sitting period, write a postmortem with product and delivery teams. See what can be evolved further in the product based on the challenges we faced. With this approach we give all involved parties an opportunity to play a significant role in our Product lifecycle and be part of the journey.

An unexpected product journey & collecting the reward

Based on all those inputs we are able to put a cherry on top. Pink bow on a packaging of our Product, to make sure that the next delivery is even better. Because in the end, that is life, bunch of hit and misses – with lots of dedication – and a lot of lessons learned that we further use when developing Product Roadmap.

About ZIRA

ZIRA is a leading vendor of award-winning Revenue Management, Order Management, Product Catalog and Customer Partner Management covering full lead to cash process for retail and wholesale business in telecom industry. ZIRA is committed to maximizing customers’ value by continuously evolving its business portfolio for both B2C and B2B offerings, protecting legacy investments, and reducing the risk and cost of implementation. For over 25 years ZIRA is well known for its customers’ trust, a commitment to exceptionally short implementation time through an innovative approach to software delivery lifecycle, and the increase of overall operational efficiency. Working with 50+ Telecom operators and digital service providers across 30+ countries, having offices in The Netherlands, Dubai UAE, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, and USA.

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